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  •  coin-dot product-details pvc-interlocking-tiles-blue-coin-dot-model:gfl-cd-793garage-flooring-coin-dot-interlocking-tiles-pvc-interlock-dot-blue-1w
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  •  coin-dot product-details pvc-interlocking-tiles-blue-coin-dot-model:gfl-cd-793garage-flooring-coin-dot-interlocking-tiles-pvc-interlock-dot-blue-1w
  •  coin-dot product-details pvc-interlocking-tiles-blue-coin-dot-model:gfl-cd-793garage-flooring-coin-dot-interlocking-tiles-pvc-interlock-dot-blue-3w
  •  coin-dot product-details pvc-interlocking-tiles-blue-coin-dot-model:gfl-cd-793garage-flooring-coin-dot-interlocking-tiles-pvc-interlock-dot-blue-4w
  •  coin-dot product-details pvc-interlocking-tiles-blue-coin-dot-model:gfl-cd-793garage-flooring-coin-dot-interlocking-tiles-pvc-interlock-dot-blue-5w
  •  coin-dot product-details pvc-interlocking-tiles-blue-coin-dot-model:gfl-cd-793PVC-Coin-Dot-8-Colours-Fan-WS

PVC Interlocking Tiles - Blue - Coin Dot

$27.00 per sqm (inc gst)

  • Construction
  • 4.5 mm thick PVC - Tile size is 46cm x 46cm including the locking edges. Effective coverage of the tiles is 45cm x 45cm-We sell these tiles by the square metre based upon their 46cm x 46cm dimensions
  • Additional information
  • Our multi purpose interlocking PVC tiles are great in just about any application. Use them for workshop floors, garage floors, warehouse floors, basement floors, showroom floors, convention floors, school floors, Gym floors, hallways, or anywhere you want durable antislip flooring. Safe, durable and anti-slip qualities are in built to our Interlocking PVC tiles.
  • The tiles are easy to install, extremely durable and resilient. Providing excellent acoustic and thermal insulation as well as good anti-fatique characteristics. Each tile is 460mm square and installation can be done with simple tools such as a tape measure, utility knife and rubber mallet. Our Raised Coin interlocking PVC tiles are durable and flexible, and will meet any multi-purpose flooring needs.
  • - Requires very little surface preparation. - Can be installed over cracked, chipped and stained concrete. - Replaced individually if they become damaged. - Available in six standard colors. - Ideal tiles for anywhere a durable Non-Slip surface is required. - Can be made into any Pattern you can imagine
  • - Extremely low maintenance - Easy to clean - Extremely hard wearing and durable - Reduces damage to sub floors caused by impact abrasion and vibration - Good thermal and acoustic insulation