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  •  Mesh-Cages-Stackable product-details 01-Mesh-Pallet-Cages-Stackable-1-Cage-$200-model-1054Steel-Mesh-Pallet-Cage-Dimensions-Recovered
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  •  Mesh-Cages-Stackable product-details 01-Mesh-Pallet-Cages-Stackable-1-Cage-$200-model-1054Steel-Mesh-Pallet-Cage-Dimensions-Recovered
  •  Mesh-Cages-Stackable product-details 01-Mesh-Pallet-Cages-Stackable-1-Cage-$200-model-1054stackable-pallet-and-stillage-cages-cages01w-96526
  •  Mesh-Cages-Stackable product-details 01-Mesh-Pallet-Cages-Stackable-1-Cage-$200-model-1054stackable-pallet-and-stillage-cages-cages04w
  •  Mesh-Cages-Stackable product-details 01-Mesh-Pallet-Cages-Stackable-1-Cage-$200-model-1054stackable-pallet-and-stillage-cages-cages03w
  •  Mesh-Cages-Stackable product-details 01-Mesh-Pallet-Cages-Stackable-1-Cage-$200-model-1054stackable-pallet-and-stillage-cages-cages05w

01 - Mesh Pallet Cages - Stackable - 1 Cage $200-

$200.00 Each (inc gst)

  • Construction
  • Standardise, handle, store & stack awkward items. Easily transport & protect your products or goods in many situations. Set-up or knocked down by one person in less than a minute
  • Additional information
  • Stack up to 3 Cages High.
  • Half Drop Front gate - allows easy access when stacked
  • 800 Kg capacity when stored on the ground
  • 300 Kg capacity in stacked cages
  • Internal Dimensions: 750mm High Walls X 1040mm deep x 1100mm wide External Dimensions: 915mm overall height x 1050mm deep x 1140mm wide (at base of cage) Flare on stacking feet increases footprint to 1190mm Wide, feet do not affect depth.
  • Basket made from 5mm Galvanised steel